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Important Update Announcing Next Phase of HIPAA Audits!

Click here to view an important Compliance Bulletin from benefitsContinuum, announcing the next phase of HIPAA audits for covered entities and business associates (that means employers and brokers!).

If your company is not complying with all the provisions of HIPAA, you could face significant fines in the event of an audit. All health insurance information and enrollments, including claim information and even 401(k) enrollment forms, must be sent securely. With ACA regulations and enforcements well under way, it is critical that employers take this next HIPAA Audit phase seriously. Compliance is not an option.

For additional info on staying HIPAA compliant, or if you have a question relating to any other hr/employee benefits topic, simply fill out the form below and a benefitsContinuum team member will get back to you right away!

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